The Pro Gaming Headset: Engineered to Elevate Your Game

A good headset is pivotal for the ultimate gaming experience. Here's why Logitech G's Pro Gaming Headset has what you need!

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Logitech G’s Pro series offers exceptional hardware with a competitive edge that eSports athletes crave. And now, for the first time ever, a Logitech G headset joins the professional-grade Pro series line-up. Designed and built with high-end materials and next-gen technologies, and fashioned in collaboration with the world’s top eSports pros, Logitech G’s Pro Gaming Headset not only enjoys superior audio, it’s also incredibly comfortable, lightweight, and durable.

The Pro Gaming Headset’s crystal-clear sound is made possible by the Pro-G drivers with patent-pending hybrid mesh materials. Voice chat with your teammates comes through loud and clear, gunshots register with startling accuracy, and enemy footsteps can be heard from all around, letting you lock down your opponents’ locations with ease. Plus, in-game sounds and effects come with heart-pounding bass and razor-sharp highs, and all without the distortion that so often occurs on competitor’s headsets.

The Logitech G Pro Gaming Headset also comes stock with compatibility for Windows 10 surround sound features, such as Dolby Atmos and Windows Sonic. What’s all that translate into? Simple: unmatched directional audio that gives you honed-in awareness of everything that’s happening in your games.

For talking to your teammates, the professional-grade condenser mic has you covered. It’s easily detachable when not in use, has a low signal-to-noise ratio with heightened sensitivity, and uses a full-size pop filter to minimize external interference with important team communications.

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As crucial as high-quality audio is, a headset needs to be comfortable as well, especially for extended gaming sessions where a distraction can mean life or death. Based on that axiom, the Logitech G Pro Gaming Headset houses a pair of premium leatherette ear-pads, as well as a pair of optional micro-suede ear pads. Constructed with soft foam padding on the inside, the ear pads not only cushion your head, but seal around your ears to provide passive noise isolation—up to 50% more sound isolation than traditional ear pads. Connecting everything together is a super lightweight yet equally stable casing, which consists of a polymer shell, a TR90 nylon headband, stainless-steel adjustable sliders, and nylon joints supported by glass fiber.

Available for the PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, you can pick up Logitech G’s Pro Gaming Headset now.