The Plea for Street Fighter 5

It has been 4 years since Street Fighter 4 first hit the gaming scene and we're still only getting SFIV updates, not a Street Fighter 5...

street fighter 5

Street Fighter 4 first hit the arcades in July 2008, and then took over the fighting game genre when it hit PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in February 2009 and PC in July 2009. Here we are, 4 years later, and Capcom has announced… a Street Fighter 4 UPDATE. What?!? Oh, and it comes out sometime in 2014. WHAT?!? Where is Street Fighter 5?

It appears as though Capcom just wants to milk gamers dry the easiest way possible: by releasing DLC after DLC after DLC. Oh, curse you wretched DLC, for you are widely abused by many game developers. Capcom hasn’t called the new update DLC officially, but a rose by any other name smells as sweet, doesn’t it? You can’t fool us, Capcom; 5 new fighters and 6 new stages is just DLC. You’re not updating the gameplay mechanics. You’re not updating the game engine. You’re not upgrading the graphics. You’re only giving us ONE brand new character. You’re releasing DLC.

Now, the next generation of consoles are upon us, and gamers are looking for a next gen Street Fighter game. But, Capcom is focusing their resources on a measly content update for Street Fighter 4. We want Street Fighter 5, not Super Street Fighter IV Turbo Arcade Championship Edition. We want MANY new characters to be introduced to the franchise, not just one, as the 2014 DLC will apparently contain. We want all new stages, not six.

And, to top things off, the four known characters Capcom is releasing aren’t very interesting, to me at least. Rolento was strong, but his character was boring and unoriginal (of course he was taken from Final Fight, but that’s not what I mean). Elena has a cult following, and I’m not one of the members. Then there’s Hugo, who was also taken from Final Fight. He’s the wrestlers of all wrestlers, but I can’t play with him effectively if my life depended on it (i’m more about the quick fighting style). And, finally, there’s Poison: Hugo’s sexy manager that used to fight on the streets for Final Fight. So, 3 Final Fight characters and Elena. I don’t think you’re getting my $15, Capcom.

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Personally, I would like to see Garuda return to the franchise. Capcom can also do a lot of fun things with an update for Hayate. Q would also get my $15. But, even with any of those additions, I’d still much prefer a completely new Street Fighter.

Street Fighter, as the series stands now, is just as popular, if not more popular, than it was during the Street Fighter II days, so it’s not like the interest isn’t there for a Street Fighter 5. The gap between Street Fighter III and Street Fighter IV was almost 9 years. Hopefully, Capcom won’t make us wait until 2017 for a Street Fighter 5. Please, Capcom, give us Street Fighter 5 before 2017.


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