The Original NBA Jam Receives a 2017 Roster Update

Finally, we can determine if LeBron James and Kyrie Irving could beat Harambe and Kanye West

While there is no such thing as a perfect video game, 1993’s NBA Jam came pretty close to achieving that status. Even people that could care less about sports games gravitated towards its absurd mix of physics-defying basketball action and cartoonish humor. In fact, if the only considerable flaw in NBA Jam‘s game is that its roster is now hopelessly updated. 

Modern NBA Jam games have tried to address this issue, but none of them have been able to recreate the simple joy of the original. Realizing that there is no NBA Jam quite like 1993’s NBA Jam, YouTube channel Hogs With A Blog have decided to simply update the original title with a roster featuring the NBA’s brightest current stars. 

Also Donald Trump and Harambe. They’re in there too. 

Yes, modern stars like LeBron James, Steph Curry, and James Harden are now finally playable in the greatest arcade basketball game ever made. All told, there are 117 modern NBA players implemented into the game across 30 teams. Additionally, NBA Jam legends like Scottie Pippen, Reggie Miller, and Michael Jordan are unblockable through codes and in-game progression. The secret characters from the original game (such as Bill and Hillary Clinton) have been updated as well to include such modern internet favorites as Donald Trump, Kanye West, and Harambe.

The really impressive aspect of this mod, however, are the little details. Hogs With A Blog have done an admirable job of implementing modern players into the original NBA Jam game from a design perspective. Not only do are they appropriately de-pixelated on the team selection menu, but their in-game character models are surprisingly accurate. The announcer will even reference them by their names or nicknames. 

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If you’re interested in trying it yourself, you just need a SNES emulator and a copy of the modified game ROM found here. The developers only ask that you consider making a donation to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute as thanks for their effort.