The Legend of Zelda: Nintendo Reveals Ganondorf’s Last Name

Shockingly, it's not Ganondorf.

Proving that Nintendo is actually capable of coming up with last names that aren’t just an echo of a character’s first name (we still reject the name Mario Mario), the studio has now confirmed that Ganondorf has had a real last name for all these years. 

On the Zelda website, Nintendo posted an image which briefly summarizes the Ganondorf character and confirms that his last name is Dragmire.

Interestingly, this information has actually been around for quite some time. As IGN points out, the English translated instruction manual for A Link to the Past actually used the Dragmire name in reference to Ganon. It just seems that Nintendo never had any reason to reference the name in future installments. 

Why would they, though? It would have been kind of pointless to strange to develop a scene in which Link and Ganondorf exchange pleasantries such as surnames over a cup of tea given the whole “locked in an eternal battle of good vs. evil” thing that they have going on. 

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If there’s anything of merit to take away from this reveal, it’s the realization that Nintendo likes to keep the mythology of the Zelda universe pretty close to heart. The website where that name was revealed sheds a little light on some of the game’s more mysterious elements, but it seems that Nintendo feels a bit of ambiguity helps to keep the mystery alive.

As for the name Dragmire, it’s quite fascinating from a real-world perspective. The closest equivalent to it is the Eastern European name Dragomir which is a combination of phrases that mean “peace, world” and “precious.” Could it be, then, that the Dragmire clan see themselves as some kind of global redeemers? That would be quite the realization.  

Then again, this is the company that gave us Mario Mario so it’s likely someone chose the name because it kind of sounds like the word dragon. 

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