The Legend of Bum-bo: Trailer For The Binding of Issac Prequel Arrives

The Legend of Bum-bo may be a prequel, but it completely changes The Binding of Issac's formula. Check out its debut trailer!

The Legend of Bum-bo, the prequel to The Binding of Issac, finally has an official gameplay trailer.

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While Bum-bo shares some of The Binding of Issac‘s visual trademarks- many items and enemies look exactly the same – this is an entirely different game. Described as a “randomly generated,turn-based puzzle rpg,” Bum-bo is a much more tactical affair than the twitch-based Binding of Issac. Basically, each battle begins with Bum-bo opening his bag of trash and forming glyphs using a “match 4 puzzle system.” These glyphs allow the player to access a variety of spells. Bum-bo also seems capable of dishing out some melee damage as he sees fit. 

The biggest thing that Bum-bo shares with Binding of Issac is the latter’s randomly generated content. That should help keep thinks unpredictable as well as help creator Edmund McMillen exercise his creativity. Indeed, McMillen already stated that the variety of spells in the game include everything from a rusty fish hook to summoning your mom’s legs to crush your enemies.

McMillen also raises some doubts regarding the game’s exact relation to Binding of Issac by saying that he “like[s] to call it a prequel” but that he can’t really explain the full meaning of that term without spoiling the game. However, he assures you that if you enjoyed Issac, you will find something to like in this different take on that game’s universe. 

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Bum-bo is certainly different. It’s easy to look at it as the Paper Mario take on Binding of Issac, but the initial footage included in the above trailer seems to suggest that McMillen really is trying to retain some classic elements of Binding of Issac while completely altering the core gameplay. That’s an ambitious goal, but things look to be progressing quite nicely. 

McMillen plans on releasing Bum-bo later this year for iOS and PC. A Switch version of the game is expected to release sometime beyond that. 

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