The Last of Us 2: Naughty Dog Teases Ellie’s Story

It sounds like Naughty Dog will push Ellie into some dark places with The Last of Us 2.

The Last of Us 2: Ellie

With The Last of Us 2 release date set for February, the hype surrounding the long-awaited game is now bubbling away even more ferociously than it was before. Today, we have a tantalizing quote from Naughty Dog’s Halley Gross, and it is sure to get you extra excited for the upcoming post-apocalyptic sequel.

Gross, who is serving as narrative lead and co-writer on The Last of Us 2, revealed some insights about Ellie during an interview with PlayStation Magazine (via WCCF Tech). It’s this particular quote from Gross which is grabbing the headlines: “We’re all working toward a vision about how do you make the most complex, nuanced character in a video game? Everybody’s putting their particular smarts toward that, and you get to just watch these incredibly brilliant people and go, ‘How the fuck does your brain work?’ Wizards. They’re wizards.”

This “complex, nuanced” character is none other than Ellie, Ashley Johnson’s returning hero from the first game. Of course, the interplay between Johnson’s Ellie and Troy Baker’s Joel in the original game is part of what earned The Last of Us its reputation as one of the best and most emotional games of all time.

“What we’re really trying to do is challenge Ellie to see who she can become when she grows up in such a hostile environment,” Gross goes on to mention, teasing what Ellie will be up against in the next game. “And part of writing is, very unfortunately, torturing your characters, putting them in hard situations, and testing their values and testing their drive. So while we love Ellie, and we’re really excited to see her grow up, we’re certainly not going to coddle her.”

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We look forward to seeing the next chapter in Ellie’s story when The Last of Us 2 launches next year. Here’s hoping that Naughty Dog can raise the bar even higher in terms of characters and emotions, proving once again just how strong both of those things can be, even in a zombie-stuffed action game.