The Justice League Game We Almost Got Was Based on George Miller’s Justice League: Mortal

The great Justice League game we've been waiting on may have been tossed aside years ago.

When Warner Brothers decided to pass on director George Miller’s idea for a Justice League film, they not only deprived the world of a potentially fascinating film project but, according to YouTube channel DidYouKnowGaming?, they also robbed us of an incredible looking video game adaptation of the Justice League universe.

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In case you never heard the story, Mad Max director George Miller was tapped to direct a film called Justice League: Mortal. This movie was rolling through the pre-production process quite well, but it was ultimately canceled for a variety of creative and financial reasons.  

Before that happened, though, WB was apparently so confident in the project that they allowed developer Double Helix to begin creating a Justice League game that was supposed to be released close to the launch of Miller’s Justice League film. 

As stated in the video above, Double Helix was formed when studios Shiny Entertainment, The Collective, and Foundation 9 merged in 2007. Not too long after, they were contacted by Warner Bros regarding the possibility of developing a Justice Leauge game. Their interest was peaked when members of the former Shiny Entertainment suggested that they could re-use some assets from The Matrix: Path of Neo to form the foundation of that project. 

Double Helix’s Justice League game was a fairly light-hearted take on the Justice League universe that emphasized combat against multiple opponents. It featured most of the Justice League‘s most notable heroes as playable characters and even let the player create “tag teams” of superheroes that could combine their abilities. For instance, The Flash could slow down time for Batman or Green Lantern could create a projectile shield for Wonder Woman. 

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Much like Miller’s Justice League movie, development of this game seemed to have been rolling along. The Justice League game’s biggest assets were in place and we see that it was at least somewhat playable at some point. However, it seems that the cancellation of Miller’s Justice League film pretty much meant the end of Double Helix’s game as well. 

If it’s any consolation – it probably won’t be – it seems that many of the game’s ideas were carried over to Double Helix’s 2011 title, Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters