The Cycle: New Game Combines Destiny and Battle Royales

The Cycle comes to us from the developers of Spec Ops: The Line.

Yager Development, the studio famous for the development of Spec Ops: The Line, has announced a new game called The Cycle.

The Cycle is a fascinating concept that falls somewhere between Destiny and a battle royale game. This first-person shooter sees up to 20 players compete in matches that will supposedly take about 20 minutes to complete. While you will be able to attack – or group up with – other players on the map, victory means more than getting the most kills or being the last player standing. 

In fact, Yager has described The Cycle as a “competitive quester” that sees everyone trying to complete certain objectives while contending with neutral A.I. threats as well as other players. In that sense, The Cycle reminds us slightly of DayZ in that players will be required to determine friend from foe while contending with enemies that can wipe out everyone if everybody is at each other’s throats. 

Whether The Cycle will realize the potential that DayZ never fully took advantage of is another matter entirely. Based on what has been revealed thus far, it sounds like an interesting blend of genres that’s success may ultimately come down to whether or not the gameplay can hit that sweet spot. We’ll know more for sure when The Cycle‘s closed alpha hits Steam in early August. 

Of course, the reason that most people are so excited about this game is that they have fond memories of the aforementioned Spec Ops: The Line. The Line is routinely cited as one of the greatest video game stories of all-time as well as one of the most harrowing war stories ever told in any medium. 

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While not everyone who worked on The Line is still at the company, there are reasons to believe that Yager still has some great games in them. Besides, The Cycle‘s concept is fascinating in and of itself. 

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