Tetris Creator Slams the Square Piece: “It’s Dumb”

The creator of Tetris, Alexey Pajitnov, is not a fan of his iconic game's square piece...

Alexey Pajitnov, the creator of Tetris, has revealed his least favorite Tetris piece in an insightful interview with Nintendo Life. It is, as you’ve probably gleaned from the headline of this article, the square piece.

Realizing that Pajitnov has been asked millions of times which piece is his favorite, Alan Lopez from Nintendo Life opted to ask which piece from his iconic creation is his least-liked.

“I don’t like the square,” Pajitnov admitted. “It’s dumb. You don’t rotate it, you don’t do anything with it. You don’t clear a lot of lines. And you don’t get any benefits of placing it.”

Pajitnov then praised the long piece. “That’s ‘angel.’ Yesterday we were in Las Vegas and a guy came up to me with a tattoo of the I-piece with wings, and they called it ‘angel.’ Angel, come!

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“My favorite is the J-piece. I have to work hard when I’m on the left corner, so every time, the J-piece is better than L-piece because on the right side I have no problem. I don’t know why. Probably because I always rotate clockwise. J-piece is my savior, it’s very helpful. T-piece is also very good, but my favorite is J-piece.”

And, on the topic of the S-piece, he said this: “Oh, those are good pieces, but unfortunately, they put a small piece of chaos into the field. You need to keep a special profile for them. But you know, I feel I still need to work on the combo strategy. Maybe they are very good for combos? Probably. Probably I’ll have a new life in my older years.”

While Pajitnov created the popular puzzle game in Russia in 1984 when he was a 29-year-old computer engineer, it would be years before the Tetris creator received the recognition he deserved. These days, Pajitnov is recognized as a legend of the gaming industry who apparently has very strong feelings about his creation, even 35 years later.