Telltale’s Batman Series Is Being Adapted Into a Comic Book

Telltale's strange take on the Batman universe is finally receiving a comic book run.

Telltale’s fascinating manipulation of the Batman mythos will formally be adapted into a comic book miniseries in 2018.

The miniseries, called Batman: Sins of the Father, will serve as a bridge between the first and second season of Telltale’s adventure games. It begins with a series of mysterious murders. People soon realize that the people being murdered are all associated with Arkham Asylum and some of the people that Thomas Wayne once had committed to the institution. In the midst of a lawsuit against the Wayne family, many eyes turn towards those suing the Waynes and Bruce Wayne himself when looking for suspects. Bruce Wayne, however, suspects that there is something much larger at play.

Batman: Sins of the Father will be written by Christos Gage (writer of Netflix’s Daredevil series) and drawn by Raffaele Ienco (Fantastic Four, Black Knight). Gage had this to say to IGN regarding his role in the development of this story.

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“I love the bold choices the Telltale Games folks made in their approach to Batman, by having Bruce Wayne discover his father was part of a criminal conspiracy. I’m excited to contribute to this world and I can’t wait for fans to see Raffaele bring the story to life. He is a great match to the visual style of the game, while adding his unique, hard-hitting take to it.”

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Raffaele Ienco, who has never drawn for DC before, noted that he’s “thrilled to be making my DC debut drawing such a high-profile character like Batman, as well as working alongside the fantastic Christos Gage and our editor, Jim Chadwick.”

Batman: Sins of the Father will be released as a digital comic, but every two issues of the series will be bundled together in a physical print. The first chapter will be released on February 12, 2018. New issues will be released every other week, and the entire run will comprise of six issues.

As for the second season of Telltale’s Batman, it is nearing the launch of its third episode and will also soon be available for the Nintendo Switch.