Tekken 7: Geese Howard Announced as DLC

The ridiculously-named villain from Fatal Fury and King of Fighters also wants a piece of the Mishima clan.

The Evolution Championship Tournament 2017 was a fun time and the third day gave us some interesting announcements. Trunks was announced for Dragon Ball FighterZ. Jedah was confirmed for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. Akira showed off a new fighting game featuring their characters from Street Fighter EX. A tag-team crossover game was announced, featuring characters from BlazBlue, Persona, and RWBY. But the coolest piece of news came in regards to Tekken 7.

While Akuma from Street Fighter showing up made enough sense due to Bandai Namco and Capcom’s recent working relationship, nobody could have foreseen the big announcement that SNK’s Geese Howard would be showing up as downloadable content.

Geese Howard originated in Fatal Fury, all the way back in 1991. As the main villain of the series, Geese went on to appear in its prequel Art of Fighting 2 and the big spinoff King of Fighters. His most recent appearance was in King of Fighters XIV, captaining a team with his underlings Billy Kane and Hein.

Similar to Heihachi Mishima, Geese is a big-pants-wearing martial artist who uses a strong public image to hide the fact that he’s actually a corrupt megalomaniac. Also much like Heihachi, Geese is very, very hard to kill, having survived falling off a skyscraper.

While Geese has shown up in several Capcom/SNK crossovers as M. Bison’s counterpart, this is his first time having anything to do with Tekken and its universe. Coincidentally, fellow Fatal Fury/King of Fighters mainstay Mai Shiranui appeared as a guest character in Dead or Alive 5. Makes sense, since Dead or Alive is about big boobs and Tekken is about jerk dads.

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This will likely not be the last guest character to show up in Tekken 7. Word on the street is that someone hacked into the game and saw evidence that they’re planning on putting a Guilty Gear character in there with all of their bells and whistles. Fingers crossed that it’s Slayer if true. At least he’d be alive during the Tekken era.

Who knows? Maybe we’ll get Shao Kahn or Scorpion pop up in the near future.

Geese Howard will be available for download this winter.

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