Street Fighter Transformer Action Figures Are Coming to Japan

Japan's getting an exclusive set of Transformers based on characters in the classic Street Fighter II. Check them out within...

We’ve spent many sleepless nights wondering what Transformers get up to on their days off. Dry-cleaning? Maybe a spot of origami? But thanks to Takara Tomy, we now have one official answer: cosplay. 

Next year, the toy manufacturer will launch a small set of action figures based on characters from the fighting classic, Street Fighter II. In essence, this means you’ll get Optimus Prime painted up to look a bit like Ryu, Hot Rod as Ken, Megatron as Vega (or M. Byson) and, perhaps best of all, Arcee as Chun-Li.

We’re not sure what the in-universe explanation for all these antics would be – a Street Fighter-themed office party, perhaps – but they all look pretty cool. Prices are likely to go up pretty swiftly, too, since these Transformer brawlers are currently planned as Japan-only exclusives. According to Destructoid, the figures will be sold in packs of two, with Ryu and Bison going for about $115, and the Ken and Chun-Li set going for $75. If you’re planning to find the things on eBay, expect to pay even more.

Still, if these cosplaying Transformers are a bit out of reach for most of us, the trailer is worth a watch, at least. It’s the branding synergy we never knew we wanted. Pokemon-themed Transformers next please, Hasbro.

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