Street Fighter Fan Game Lets You Fight in Augmented Reality

We're getting closer to being able to just ignore reality entirely.

A new fan project is trying to make it possible to bring a little Street Fighter action into your otherwise boring world. 

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Abhishek Singh, the same guy responsible for that first-person VR Mario game that made waves not too long ago, is responsible for this ambitious attempt to project some Street Fighter II action from your phone onto just about any point in the world. Yes, this AR game doesn’t require any additional hardware and can supposedly be played nearly anywhere. 

We say “supposedly” because there doesn’t seem to be a way to actually play this project at this time. As such, we kind of have to take the initial footage featured in this reveal trailer at its word. While it’s clear that this version of Street Fighter II isn’t as fluid as the more…traditional ways to play the classic game, the technology running this project appears to be solid. 

Of course, it seems like the game works best if you’re able to project it onto an ideal surface. That means a flat surface that also affords you plenty of room to stand/sit still and play some Street Fighter. It doesn’t seem like the game moves with you as moving closer to the action just creates a zoom-in effect. We also see a classic Street Fighter “Bonus Stage” featuring Ken beating the crap out of a digitally projected car. 

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As for whether or not you’ll ever actually be able to play this game for yourself…well we wouldn’t hold your breath. The project’s creator has designed many cool projects in the past, but he doesn’t necessarily seem interested in releasing all of them on a retail level. That’s easy enough to understand given that mass production carries many headaches that have nothing to do with creativity. There’s also the very nasty licensing issues involved

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Still, we might be lucky enough for someone to take this concept and make it an – augmented – reality.