Street Fighter 5: Sagat and G Round Out Season 3’s DLC

Does the world need a president or a king to thrive? We get both in these trailers for Sagat and the ridiculous fighting politician G.

At Evo 2018, the weekend was finished off with the top 8 Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition players fighting for supremacy. Before the virtual bloodshed, producer Yoshinori Ono stepped out to speak about…well, he spoke. It was past midnight, so we were all loopy. Anyway, he was interrupted by none other than voice actor Christopher Corey Smith, decked out as the new Street Fighter character known only as G, giving a long-winded speech about unity across the globe.

This led to the announcement trailers of the final two characters in Street Fighter V’s third season: G and Sagat.

G is a bizarre hybrid of Abraham Lincoln and Uncle Sam who doesn’t just want to be President of the United States, but President of the world itself. If that wasn’t bonkers enough, his stature, single-letter name, and alternate outfit seem to suggest that he has ties with the enigmatic Street Fighter character Q.

Then there’s Sagat, the King of Muay Thai. Introduced as the final boss in the first Street Fighter, Sagat soon became second-in-command to M. Bison as a member of Shadaloo. Over time, Sagat learned the error of his ways and became one of Ryu’s strongest allies, while remaining one of his most tenacious rivals. Now Sagat washes his hands of his criminal past and spends his days raising his two adopted children and preparing for the day when he will fight Ryu once again.

The sweet thing about all of this? Capcom pulled a Cloverfield Paradox on us by announcing these two guys and then saying, oh yeah, they’re out now!

With Street Fighter V’s eSports status keeping at it, we’re sure to get a fourth wave of DLC characters. I’m intrigued to see who will show up, though I think at this point, Dan Hibiki is a lock.

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