Street Fighter 5: Ed Announce Trailer

Balrog's adopted son will be the next DLC character, showcasing a mixture of pugilism and black magic.

We’re smack in the middle of the second season of DLC for Street Fighter V. With another series of downloadable fighters being released every couple months, this time there’s a bit of a gimmick. Outside of Akuma, every single Season 2 DLC name is a newcomer. Previously, we got Kolin, the never-before-playable secretary of Street Fighter III’s Gill.

Capcom’s next release is Ed, the sidekick of Balrog and wielder of Psycho Power.

Much like Kolin, Ed is a preexisting character, showing up as early as Street Fighter IV. As a child, Ed was experimented on by SIN scientists. While everyone was busy fighting Seth and his goons, Balrog stumbled upon young Ed and chose to take him with. After all, if this kid was so important, surely, he was worth big money. Ed later showed up in Street Fighter V’s story mode and A Shadow Falls as Balrog’s sidekick. Since their first meeting, the two have become close and Balrog regularly depends on Ed’s ability to predict the future.

Ed’s fighting style is a hybrid of boxing with Psycho Power use mixed in. His V-Skill is the Psycho Snatcher, where he reaches out at his opponent with purple energy and either zips towards them or webs them like Spider-Man and pulls them over. His V-Trigger is the Psycho Cannon, where he discharges a giant, purple energy ball that slowly advances forward. Then there’s his Critical Art, the Psycho Barrage. Laced with the purple flames, Balrog’s boxing training really comes into play as he mercilessly riddles his opponent with punches before uppercutting them into the sky.


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Ed will be available for beta testing from May 11 to May 14.

Gavin Jasper expects Guile’s commander to be the next announcement. Follow Gavin on Twitter!