Street Fighter 5: Abigail Bursts Onto the Scene

The giant among giants from the Mad Gear Gang makes his move from Final Fight to Street Fighter. See the gargantuan here.

At the Evolution Championship Series, right before breaking into the Street Fighter V tournament’s top 8, they revealed the next Street Fighter V DLC character to be released. As we’re in the second season of the game, it’s been said that everyone outside of Akuma is someone who has yet to appear as playable in a Street Fighter game before. So far this has meant a background character from Street Fighter III and a kid who showed up in a Street Fighter IV ending.

Now we get Abigail, the juggernaut boss from 1989’s Final Fight. Let’s see the big man in action!

Abigail is practically a forgotten name in Street Fighter/Final Fight lore. In fact, when they made the fighting game Final Fight Revenge for Saturn, he was the only boss character from the original game not to show up. Even the whistling guy and the cop were there!

In a game filled with various Andore’s, Abigail was a headswap who had the body of Andre the Giant and the head of Road Warrior Animal. His fighting style was based a lot on just turning red and running forward to strangle his enemies. Naturally, some of that returns.

Abigail’s V-Skill is Hungabee, which allows him to parry high or low for a limited time. His V-Trigger, Max Power, allows him to punch with super armor and can break an opponent’s guard if done with a full meter. Finally, his Critical Art allows him to turn his opponent into a speedbag as he goes to town.

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Abigail will make his way to Street Fighter V on July 25. After him, there are two more new characters to show up this season. Supposedly, they will be Rose’s apprentice and Guy’s mentor.

Gavin Jasper wouldn’t mind seeing some Rival Schools characters show up in season 3. Follow Gavin on Twitter!