Stranger Things: What Telltale’s Adaptation Would Have Looked Like

It looks like some development footage from Telltale's Stranger Things adaptation has been leaked.

It appears that someone with ties to Telltale Games has started releasing footage and concept art from the studio’s planned adaptation of Netflix’s Stranger Things

The leaks are popping up everywhere, but this Reddit thread features some of the most notable pieces of footage that have appeared online as a result of these leaks. The majority of the leaked footage shows Will Byers wandering around his home, interacting with his mom, checking out the contents of a few drawers, and enjoying the new computer that his mom seems to have recently purchased. 

The other, arguably more interesting, leaked sequence showcases someone (presumably Will) hiding from the Demogorgon. The reason the character’s identity is uncertain is that this sequence plays out from a first-person perspective. This is something we really haven’t seen much of in previous Telltale games (outside of the odd action sequence here and there), but it seems that the plan was to create a more modern first-person horror experience via these sequences. 

Story-wise, it’s a little hard to tell what Stranger Thing‘s season-long narrative would have been about. However, we do see Joyce Byers talking to Dr. Owens on the phone, which would tend to suggest that this series would have taken place after the show’s second season or possibly right before it. Sadly, there’s no official word regarding whether or not that is the case. 

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What fans are really obsessed with, though, is that this leaked footage appears to represent our first look at Telltale’s promised new game engine (or at least a version of it). While certain aspects of the game’s characters are clearly unfinished (their eyes are scarier than they Demogorgon), character animations appear to be significantly smoother than the animations featured in previous major Telltale games. 

It’s certainly worth reminding everyone that this footage is not “officially” from Telltale, but we’d be shocked to learn that these clips don’t represent the progress the studio was making on this title. So far as that goes, it looks like it was shaping up to be a standard – if slightly more inventive – Telltale Games experience

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