Steam Tool Tells You How Much Money You’ve Spent on Games

If you really want to know how much you've spent on Steam over the years, there's an accurate way to find out.

If you’ve ever wondered how much you’ve spent on Steam over the years, and you’re willing to really know the answer to that question, there’s a new tool out there that will force you to look deep into the void in your wallet. 

While there are other websites that will tell you roughly how much you’ve spent on Steam, there’s a new official Steam tool that you can download here that tells you exactly how much you’ve spent on games via the PC marketplace. Unlike other tools that give you an estimate on the value of your account, this one tells you the amount of money that you’ve spent on the service down to the penny. 

What’s really impressive is that this tool doesn’t include the games that were added to your library through some kind of redemption method. That means that games you added through Humble Bundle and other services are not calculated into the total figure. 

That does mean that you’ll need to add a few dollars for outside purchases, but it also means that your number won’t be inflated or deflated by games you’ve acquired through outside deals or through other channels. It’s also possible that certain microtransactions made through non-Steam sources won’t be calculated. 

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Aside from the somewhat confusing nature of the calculator’s layout (it’s not entirely clear what OldSpend and PWSpend are), this is a fantastic way to have a general idea of how much money you’ve spent on Steam over the years. My own number is a pretty paltry $750, but many of the games in my library came through bundle deals, review keys, and Steam sales. We’ve heard stories of some people’s accounts stretching into the five-figure territory, and we’re sure there’s someone out there who can boast a figure beyond that. 

So, how much money have you spent on Steam over the years?