Stealth Game ECHO Impresses in New Gameplay Trailer

This intelligently designed title boasts a fascinating central mechanic.

It’s not easy for an indie game to stand out at a major convention like PAX. With so many developers trying to convert the convention’s publicity into free ad time, actually managing to shout above all the madness loudly enough for anyone to take notice is a pretty impressive feat. 

So, considering how much attention ECHO, a Steam Greenlight game from Ultra Ultra, received at the convention, perhaps it’s time that you put this game on your upcoming release radar. You can start by viewing the trailer below:

ECHO looks like a fairly average stealth game on the surface, but it’s got a few tricks up its gameplay sleeves that you won’t find anywhere else. For instance, while your character is in the process of infiltrating an in-game palace, occasionally, the world around you will just go dark. The game refers to this as an “echo,” and the appearance of each echo means that your life is about to get a lot more difficult. Clones of yourself that patrol the level become aware of any tricks and strategies you may have used prior to the echo and will be much more quick to recognize them this time around.

It’s a fascinating idea that sounds somewhat similar to what we saw in the famous Mr. Freeze fight in Arkham City.Just as in that battle, these echoes require players to constantly employ different strategies if they are going to survive and progress. The concept of a learning A.I. is a promise we’ve heard many times before, but the use of this specific mechanic does make it sound rather plausible in this instance. 

ECHO is also quite the looker. It’s not the most graphically jaw-dropping game on the market at present, but it’s a step above many other Greenlight experiences and employs a rather clever mix of classic architecture with traditional sci-fi.

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There’s no release date for ECHO, but it is expected to come to both PC and consoles. 

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