Stardew Valley Mod Lets You Grow and Sell Weed

This high-concept Stardew Valley mod will leave you rolling in green.

If you’ve been looking for a new cash crop in Stardew Valley that will finally allow you to buy the home extension of your dreams, then you might want to download this new mod that lets you grow marijuana in the popular farm RPG. 

Yes, Smellyhippie_’s Cannabis Mod lets you become the weed tycoon that you probably considered becoming in college when the bills started to pile up. While the thought of such a mod might make you giggle, it’s clear from reading the list of features included in this mod that Smellyhippie has done a lot more than just put some new plants in the game. 

Actually, this mod adds 40 new items, six new crops, and 37 new crafting recipes to the game. It all starts when you visit town fisherman “Willy” (hmm…) who will provide you with the necessary recipes for your new venture once you’ve formed a relationship with him via giving him enough gifts. From there, you can start growing marijuana, but the process isn’t as easy as planting and watering seeds. For instance, you’ll actually need to account for the effects and attributes of male and female plants when you’re trying to create a bountiful harvest. 

Once you’ve grown some weed, that’s where the real fun begins. Not only are you able to use new tools to separate the resin from the mature buds and press your resin into profitable hash bricks, but you can craft a variety of joints and blunts using your new product. There’s even an option to grow tobacco and incorporate it into your joints for all you spliff fans out there (we know who you are). 

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Unfortunately, there’s no way to actually use your new product in the game for recreational purposes. This is a pure profit venture. However, there’s some hope that feature might be added down the line as the mod’s creator has already expressed his desire to somehow allow the player to make their own edibles. 

This mod is an impressively nuanced take on what could have been a juvenile concept. As marijuana is legalized in more and more states and nations, it’s nice to see the Stardew Valley community find a way to maturely implement marijuana growing into the game.