Star Wars: The Force Unleashed’s Starkiller Almost Became Canon

If it wasn't for the fact that Starkiller was so powerful, he may have had a Star Wars Rebels cameo.

While the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed series didn’t exactly receive universal acclaim, there were aspects of the titles that were undeniably compelling in their own right. According to one of The Force Unleashed‘s voice actors, one of those aspects almost became an official part of the new Star Wars canon.   

During a Twitch stream, Sam Witwer – who voiced Starkiller in both Force Unleashed games – revealed that there was a plan in place for Starkiller to make an appearance in the animated series, Star Wars Rebels. Witwer claims that Starkiller would have appeared as an inquisitor; Force-sensitive Jedi hunters working under Vader’s orders. 

Of course, Star Wars Rebels fans know that Starkiller never did make an appearance during the show. Apparently, the reason why he didn’t has something to do with the fact that the character was just too powerful and too significant within the context of the games. Adding him to the canon would have likely created more issues than opportunities. 

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It’s hard to argue with that logic. Starkiller was just a boy named Galen Marek when Vader found him during an old-fashioned Jedi hunt on Kashyyyk. Vader recognized that the boy was force sensitive and decided to adopt him as his evil apprentice. 

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Shortly thereafter, Starkiller established himself as one of the most powerful force users in Star Wars‘ – unofficial – history. During one memorable sequence, he even managed to bring down a Star Destroyer from orbit. Kind of make’s Yoda’s X-Wing from the swamp trick feel like children’s birthday party magician act, doesn’t it?

The real problem with Starkiller in terms of the current Star Wars canon, though, is the ambiguity of his fate. Both Force Unleashed games featured massively different choice-based endings which would have shook the Star Wars mythology to its core if they were incorporated into canon. 

All things considered, perhaps it’s best that Starkiller remains a “Did You Know?” part of the series’ history.  

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