Star Wars Battlefront: Death Star DLC – New Trailer

The Death Star will arrive to Star Wars Battlefront tomorrow for season pass holders. Here is a new trailer!

Update 3 – 09.19.16:

Star Wars Battlefront will be bringing the Death Star to the PS4, XBO, and PC on Sept. 20 for season pass holders. All other players will get the new DLC two weeks later.

Along with the new setting, the game will include a new mode called Battle Station, which is a battle in three parts. The first part is a space battle, followed by firefight inside the space station, and concluding with the famous trench run. 

You can watch a new trailer below: 

Update 2 – 07.21.16: 

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Our first look at the highly anticipated Star Wars Battlefront skirmish mode comes to us courtesy of IGN, who released two new videos showing the offline option in action. 

The first takes us through a single-player run of the game’s Fighter Squadron mode. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this preview (besides Battlefront‘s still stunning graphics) is the relative competence of the AI enemies that seem to put up a fair fight throughout. Take a look:

Of course, the skirmish mode action won’t be entirely limited to single-player shenanigans as it will also offer players the chance to enjoy Battlefront with a friend via split-screen multiplayer for this first time. This second video gives us a brief glimpse at what couch co-op fans will have to look forward to when they hop into the game’s Walker Assualt mode with another player:

Update 1 – 07.18.16:

If you’ve finished blasting through Star Wars: Battlefront’s Bespin DLC, there’s good news—the next expansion isn’t too far away. 

Announced as part of the Star Wars Celebration Europe jamboree, the Death Star DLC will, as its name implies, take us into the sleek corridors of the Empire’s deadly battle station. The expansion will bring in two new playable characters—Chewbacca and the lizard-faced bounty hunter Bossk, and there’ll be a few extra weapons, cards, and other additions, too. 

The most exciting part of the DLC takes place outside the Death Star, though. As the trailer below suggests, Death Star DLC will feature a recreation of the Battle of Yavin, complete with the unforgettable trench run from A New Hope

Looking further ahead, EA has also announced the fourth and final piece of DLC for Battlefront, scheduled for release later this year. Called Rogue One: Scarif, it’ll be based on the forthcoming spin-off directed by Gareth Edwards; Scarif being the name of the lush tropical planet where much of that film’s action is set to take place.

The Death Star DLC is due out in September, while Rogue One: Scarif will follow in December. More news on these as it comes in.

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Original Story – 07.14.16:

EA may have been focused on the future of Star Wars games at E3 2016, but if today’s announcement is any indication, they’re far from done with updating 2015’s Star Wars Battlefront

EA has revealed some of the upcoming content updates for Star Wars Battlefront, and many fans will be delighted to hear that these updates include the official release of an offline single-player mode for the otherwise online shooter. 

Starting on July 20th, Battlefront players will be able to enter Skirmish mode which will allow those Battlefront fans not interested in hopping into the online fray to engage in battles vs. bots either solo or with a friend via a split-screen option. This Skirmish mode will also feature three difficulty settings and will incorporate content from the game’s current Walker Assualt and Fighter Squadron modes. 

Battlefront is also set to receive its next expansion in September. This DLC expansion is titled Death Star, and it will include new ground and space maps as well as additional weapons and star cards to play with. Since it wouldn’t be an EA Star Wars announcement without a little mystery, though, the Battlefront publisher also hinted that one of the two new heroes launching with Death Star will include a “larger-than-life character we know you’ve been patiently waiting for.”

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Finally, Battlefront is getting a new wave of additional free in-game events in the near future as well as more log-in rewards and trial access options for the game’s recent Bespin expansion. 

With the reveal of the Death Star DLC, that means that Star Wars Battlefront is set to receive only one more of its previously announced four expansions. While it’s tough to imagine that Battlefront will continue to receive regular content updates beyond that point (especially since the new installment will likely be out by then) for now, it’s nice to know that fans still have a quite a bit to look forward to.