Star Wars Battlefront 4 Would Have Drastically Changed the Star Wars Mythology

Evil Luke, rebel Vader, Jedi Darth Maul, and more in this wild - but cancelled - game.

We’ve heard quite a bit before about the canceled Star Wars Battlefront 3 (a game that was almost finished when it was canceled), but it turns out that developer Free Radical Design had already begun the preliminary work on Battlefront 4 before the series was effectively shut down. 

An absolutely massive Google Doc that seemingly complies nearly every piece of known design info for Battlefront 4 has recently appeared online. This nearly 600-page document contains just about everything you wanted to ever know about Battlefront 4. That means details on the game’s multiplayer mode, concept art, preliminary footage, and much, much more. 

However, the section of this document that is currently catching everyone’s attention is the information relating to the game’s scrapped campaign mode. Simply put, Battlefront 4‘s campaign was going to be an absolutely nutty twist on the Star Wars universe that would have turned the series’ establish mythos on its head. 

The basic idea fuelling the game’s tragically canceled campaign is that players would have had the ability to explore alternate versions of popular Star Wars characters. For instance, Obi-Wan could have been the Jedi that betrayed the order and Luke could have ended up becoming the Emperor’s apprentice. That last scenario is particularly interesting as it seemingly would have concluded with a redeemed Anakin Skywalker doing battle against Sith Lord Luke Skywalker. That battle would have occurred on Tatooine where Anakin ran to hide from his former Empire friends. 

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It’s not entirely clear how all of these story elements would have come together to form a cohesive narrative – or even several cohesive narratives – but it’s clear that the team at Free Radical intended for Battlefront 4 felt no obligation to work within the established mythos of the Star Wars universe. They even show what appears to be a Jedi version of Darth Maul and some alternate versions of famous Star Wars locales. 

What makes all this information so tragic is the fact that it’s highly unlikely we’ll ever see a major Star Wars game quite like this again. Since EA gained exclusive control over the Star Wars license, Star Wars games have been noticeably…drab. Battlefront 2 tried to show us the face of the dark side, but it ultimately lacked the conviction needed to truly make that idea work. 

A game like Battlefront 4 that was basically a glorified Star Wars fanfic on a big budget…well, don’t hold your breath for a new game like that anytime soon.