Star Trek Online to launch a new Enterprise

The latest starship to hold the name Enterprise hits Cryptic Studios' MMORPG in February. CJ beams aboard to check out the Enterprise-F...


It wouldn’t be Star Trek without a vessel called Enterprise, even if the eponymous TV show made many people doubt that. The final frontier’s been cool again, kinda, for a whiie now thanks to JJ Abrams’ big-screen reboot. If you’re fond of the adventures of the next generation of Trek crews, though, then never fear, as their missions continue in Cryptic Studios’ Star Trek Online.

2012 started off a big year for Star Trek Online as the game went free-to-play on 17 January. To celebrate STO‘s second anniversary this February, the winning entry in last year’s Design The Next Enterprise competition will be leaving spacedock soon. The ship marries elements of several older Enterprises but maintains its own distinctive style – it’s a good-looking piece of nerdery to be sure.

The Odyssey-class Enterprise-F was created by Floridian sculptor and artist Adam Ihle, one of 25 finalists. The ship is a successor to John Eaves’ Sovereign-class Enterprise-E, familiar to anyone who’s seen First Contact, Andrew Probert’s Galaxy-class Enterprise-D from The Next Generation, and of course Matt Jefferies’ Constitution-class ship from The Original Series.

Ihle’s Enterprise-F will take over as Federation flagship in STO‘s ongoing storyline set in the 25th century, 40 years after the events of the Tom Hardy-starring Nemesis. The game’s Executive Producer, Daniel Stahl, said, “[B]uilt in a time of war… The new Odyssey-class represents the next stage of Starfleet Cruiser design, emphasizing stability and firepower while allowing for versatility in exploration.” Until now the latest canon Enterprise shown had been the 26th century Enterprise-J, appearing ironically in the prequel series Star Trek: Enterprise.

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Cryptic will be offering the Odyssey-class ship free to players ranked level 5 or above for a limited time and allow players to meet the Enterprise-F’s new crew in a special mission. STO‘s other faction, the ever-lovin’ Klingon Empire, will get a similarly rated ship with a slightly more threatening name, the Vengeance-class. Perhaps February is a good month to try.

Will the new vessel be Enterprise-FTW or Enterprise-WTF? You can decide for yourselves when the ship boldly goes where no gamer has gone before on 2 February.

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