Spider-Man PS4: DLC Release Date and First Details

Spider-Man is shaping up to be one of the best Marvel games ever. Here's what you can expect from the DLC releases.

Insomniac has revealed more details about Spider-Man PS4’s DLC. 

All of the game’s post-launch content will be part of a larger story that Insomniac is referring to as The City That Never Sleeps. That story will be expanded on via three DLC installments titled The Heist, Turf Wars, and Silver Linings. The studio also noted that Black Cat will be featured heavily in the game’s first DLC release, The Heist, and that she will play a role in the main game, but that her full reveal will occur in the DLC.  That DLC will also feature three new suits, more missions, a new enemy faction, and a partridge in a pear tree. 

The Heist is set to release on October 23. There is no confirmed release date for the other DLC releases, but they are expected to arrive sometime in November and December. There’s also no word on how much these DLC releases will cost if you choose to purchase them separately. 

Earlier this year, during an SDCC live stream, Insomniac shared some additional hints about Spider-Man’s release and post-release content.  

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According to the studio, it took a hard look at how Miles Morales is portrayed in the comics when trying to determine what his role is in the game. Insomniac sees Morales as the ultimate Spider-Man fanboy and a vital part of Peter Parker/Spider-Man’s growth. Yuri Lowenthal, who voices Spider-Man in the game, mentioned that some of the scenes featuring Morales are among his favorites, but Insomniac stated that you’ll “find out on September 7th” whether or not you actually get to play Morales in the game. 

While Insomniac is looking to the comics for inspiration when it comes to characters like Morales, that doesn’t mean that the studio isn’t willing to bend the mythology a bit. For instance, the team mentioned that its portrayal of Mary Jane will be a bit different than the one that we are used to. Players can expect Mary Jane to be a much more independent character who has her own motivations in this world. 

Even without DLC, you can expect Spider-Man to be a huge game. The team went so far as to say that the game features a “metric ton of stuff that nobody knows about.” One little detail the team mentioned that we haven’t heard before is that Spider-Man will address people differently whether he knows them, is wearing a mask, not wearing a mask, or some combination of those situations. 

Finally, Insomniac mentioned that it intends on releasing the best game in the studio’s history, the best Spider-Man game ever, the best Marvel game ever, and what they hope will be remembered as one of the best games ever. 

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