Spider-Man Game’s Mysterious Villain May Have Been Revealed

The identity of the mysterious villain from Spider-Man's E3 2018 trailer seems to have been revealed.

In case Tom Holland’s Spider-Man film title spoiler wasn’t enough for all you true believers out there, we’ve got a potential Spider-Man game spoiler for you. 

Many of you who watched the Spider-Man trailer from E3 2018 will remember that the footage ends as Spider-Man is talking to who we assume will be the game’s main villain. While many people have speculated who that might be – there were more than a few hints in the trailer – developer Insomniac hasn’t formally revealed the final foe’s identity. 

However, in an interview with a YouTuber named Drift0r, voice actor Chris Jai Alex (who plays Rhino in the upcoming Spider-Man game) referenced his role in the superhero title and talked about the challenges of playing that character. He also casually mentioned a little villain by the name of Doctor Octopus who until now hasn’t been referenced as a confirmed villain in the upcoming Insomniac title. 

It’s possible that Alex just misspoke or referenced Doc Ock when speaking about some aspect of the game that doesn’t involve the hidden villain in the E3 trailer, but we highly doubt that’s the case. 

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First off, Doc Ock just makes too much sense in the role of Spider-Man‘s mystery villain. Not only can you hear what seem to be Doctor Octopus related sound effects in the game’s latest trailer, but it’s clear that the Sinister Six is going to be in the game in some capacity, and Octopus was the guy who helped form that famous villainous faction. There’s also the meta element to consider. Spider-Man 2 is regularly thought to be the best Spider-Man game ever made, and that title featured Octopus in a leading villain role. 

Assuming this is true, we’re very excited to see how Doc Ock fits into Insomniac’s take on the Spider-Man universe.