SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy Announced with Trailer

This summer, Switch and PlayStation 4 owners will be able to play a new SNK tag fighter featuring the queens of King of Fighters.

It used to be that SNK fighting games flooded the market. You couldn’t Power Dunk through an arcade without coming across some iteration of King of Fighters, Fatal Fury, Last Blade, Art of Fighting, World Heroes, or whatever. There were so damn many of them that their crossovers had crossovers. This dried up in the early 2000s, but luckily a growing chunk of them are available to download on various consoles.

Just picked up King of Monsters on the Switch, myself.

Back in 2016, SNK attempted a comeback with King of Fighters XIV, a fantastic return to glory that contrasted its mediocre graphics with classic gameplay and a massive roster. While we got a smattering of DLC, the days of constant King of Fighters sequels are long over.

Now SNK’s announced a new game to throw in the pile. This summer, the Switch and PlayStation 4 will be getting SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy. The game will feature various SNK women with confirmed characters Athena Asamiya, Kula Diamond, Leona Heidern, Mai Shiranui, and Yuri Sakazaki. All of them appeared in King of Fighters XIV and the cover art also includes the mysterious new character Kukri. Is Kukri actually a woman after all or is it just a coincidence that the fighter is so prominent in the art for a game that boasts a female cast?

Unlike King of Fighters or pretty much any other SNK fighter before it, the gameplay is very, very simple. So simple that there’s only one attack button. Still, the game boasts the use of specials, supers, and use of items that can affect the battle.

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The game will have an in-game currency system that leads to playing dress-up with your characters and adding new voice clips. Sadly, no Tekken 7 Bullet Club shirts, as far as I know.

This is the second woman-based SNK fighter since Gals Fighters, a handheld title that featured a cross-dressing and masked Iori Yagami as the final boss “Miss X.”

Gavin Jasper hopes Nakoruru and her stupid bird sit this one out. Follow Gavin on Twitter!