Sneak Peek: Dead Space Extraction on Nintendo Wii

A quick look at Dead Space: Extraction, the upcoming horror game that might make Kev go for a Wii...

Dead Space Extraction

I was completely and utterly panicked with the first play of Dead Space on my up until then under-used 360. I was chased – whimpering like a petrified puppy – through a pitch black corridor and – as it turned out – into one hell of a situation and one absolute diamond of a game. At the point I realised this I thought to myself, “Well, this is just awesome”…

And now it’s back. This time though it’s on Nintendo’s white box, which while it’s a shame for those of us who go without (yes, I’m unhappy, that’s me), it’s great news for nunchuk knockers who have so far been deprived of admission to the Dead Space world. Further, while a nice Wii port as ingeniously horrific as the game’s chop-me-up Necromorphs might have just done, allow me to waggle my finger hard.

Dead Space: Extraction is a very good looking Wii game and adds further depth to the already expansive franchise. And, not only does it look as good as the original, it seems fully adapted to life as a Wii-only title. Allowed to gaze at a screen smeared with love by the developer, I sat silent while looking at what can only be described as fine a game as any I have seen on the Wii to date.

Extraction is on rails – imagine hitting the arcade and playing, say, Time Crisis – and as that might suggest, it’s action and intuition which are at the core of delivering a different plot. It has different characters, that ties in to the story some of us may already know, while still allowing you to chop, slice, sever and burn old, favourite and new beasts all over again.

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Why should Wii owners care about this? Well, firstly because the original Dead Space was incredible (and let’s not forget, BAFTA award winning). Secondly, because this looks like it’s going to follow suit. And thirdly, because as we and the latest E3 reports can confirm, Extraction takes the tense atmosphere you might expect of a game lurking with Necromorphs waiting to tear you apart, and combines it with new weapons, puzzles, abilities, the option to choose between paths in certain situations, a combat system that just…well, seems to work for the console, and the reassurance that you won’t have to flail about on your own in the dark while playing.

Of course, I mean to say that Wii owners should be very excited about Extraction when it comes out at the end of September. And, if you have got Nintendo’s darling at home, regardless of whether you’re new to the franchise or not, you’ll be engrossed, you’ll be wading through ex-body parts of Necromorph and you’ll be having one hell of a time before you know which pitch black corridor you’re running down. That is, if Visceral Entertainment and EA continue the cracking work that this fan’s already clapped eyes on.

And I think they will.

Dead Space Extraction is out in September. And find more by Kevin Pocock at his blog,