Sly Cooper Animated TV Series: Release Date and Trailer

The Sly Cooper franchise is finally making its way to television.

The Sly Cooper animated series finally has a release date and a debut trailer. 

According to a listing from PGS Entertainment, the Sly Cooper series will start airing on TV starting in October of 2019. The current plan is for 52 11-minute episodes to air between then and July 2020. While the trailer shows signs of the charms of the original game, the announcement that this series is geared towards a “6-10 years old audience” tends to suggest that it might not have as much appeal as the games the series is based on. 

If you missed the initial news, Technicolor Animation Productions announced that they have teamed up with Sony to produce a television series based on the Sly Cooper game series. The series will reportedly stick quite close to the story of the games by following Sly and his band of thieves as they steal for good and try to stay one step ahead of the law. The show will supposedly also feature many famous villains and side characters from the series. 

“There is no doubt that teenagers will be happy to rediscover their beloved game as a series, while younger kids will be charmed by the debonair raccoon and his exciting universe,” said Technicolor Animation Productions’ Sandrine Nguyen. 

If you’re thinking to yourself, “Wait, wasn’t someone working on a Sly Cooper animated film?” then you’re wondering the same question many people hearing this news are asking themselves. A Sly Cooper animated movie was announced back in 2014. Reports suggested that it was supposed to debut in 2016, but as you may have noticed, that did not happen. 

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At this time, it’s still unclear whether or not that film has been scrapped in favor of an animated series or whether the two will co-exist in some way. However, given that nobody has talked about the film in quite some time, we’re guessing that the show may have taken the film’s place. 

The last core Sly Cooper game was 2013’s Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. There’s been no word from Sony regarding any franchise sequels in development. 

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