Skyrim Mod Adds Horrifying Cthulhu Quest to Game

A new Skyrim mod plunges The Elder Scrolls into the realm of Cthulhu and Lovecraftian horror.

Cthulhu Skyrim Mod

If you want to get back into Skyrim but remain disappointed by the game only offering teases of old-fashioned Lovecraftian horror, there’s a new mod out there that might just make your Cthulhu dreams a reality with The Elder Scrolls.

Here There Be Monsters – The Call of Cthulhu is a Skyrim mod that’s been in development for a few years now. It adds an end-game quest to the RPG that is vaguely based on some Lovecraftian story elements hinted at in Skyrim‘s Dragonborn DLC (specifically, the “Here There be Monsters” quest). The premise here is that there’s a cult in Tamriel that seems to be tied to the appearance of some horrifying new monsters and a series of troubling rumors. It’s your mission, should you choose to accept it, to find out what is going on. 

At the risk of spoiling the adventure, it turns out that you will eventually encounter Cthulhu and will have to decide whether or not to defeat him or join him. That might sound like a pretty big moment to include in the game’s description, but it turns out that event is far from the most impressive element of this ambitious mod. 

See, Cthulhu is honestly one of the least impressive things this mod adds to Skyrim. That honor might go to the fully voice-acted story, the surprising number of new weapons and armor sets, or the many new spells. Then you have incredible additions like giant new monsters which roam the land who are even bigger and more intimidating than the game’s dragons. On top of all of that, you get a new continent to explore, a playable dreamworld, and a generous influx of Lovecraftian design elements and plot points designed to enhance the general eeriness of the game and its fresh plotline.

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This isn’t the first mod or even official piece of Skyrim content to tackle this particular subject matter, but it is one of the most ambitious mods of its kind by some distance. However, it is strongly recommended that you finish Skyrim and the Dragonborn DLC before you tackle this mod. Not only is it apparently quite challenging, but the events of the story can cause the deaths of certain major NPCs. 

In any case, this might tide you over during the likely eternal wait for The Elder Scrolls VI

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