SimCity Creator Will Wright is Developing a Bizarre Mobile Game Called Proxi

The legendary designer returns to gaming with a truly strange idea...

SimCity creator Will Wright is returning to gaming with a truly bizarre mobile title called Proxi.

Where to start with this one? Well, Proxi is technically a city building title. The big catch is that the “city” you are building is really just a representation of abstract thoughts. Proxi requires you to manage various artificial intelligence systems modeled after themselves. In order to foster the growth of these AIs, you’ll need to construct what Wright refers to as “mems.” These mems are representations of various events that include everything from happy occurrences to repressed memories. 

At this time, it’s honestly not entirely clear what Proxi‘s gameplay will consist of. We get the basic concept of designing a landscape based on your memories, but there’s still no indication of what Proxi‘s goal is (if there even is one). It’s doesn’t sound like you’re just going to be selected from a menu of memories and building carefully organized urban districts across a vast dreamscape, but we are curious what the “tangible” gameplay elements that tie all these ideas together will end up being. 

What we do know is that Will Wright has kicked off an art contest that asks people to contribute artistic representations of three personal memories via the Unity system. The winners of this contest will seemingly be asked to contribute more to the final game. The examples that Gallium Artists, Wright’s studio, provided seem to showcase the kind of art style the team is looking for, but it really doesn’t give us any more information about the game itself. 

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That probably shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise given that Wright has always been a bit eccentric, but it’s hard to recommend buying into this admittedly fascinating idea when there is so little information about the game itself currently available. We don’t want to invoke the name of No Man’s Sky, but the same principle does apply. 

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If nothing else, it’s great to hear that Wright is getting back into gaming. It’s impossible to argue against the man’s successes – even initially ill-received titles like Spore became cult classics – and this certainly doesn’t look quite like anything else that is currently on the market.

As for when Proxi will hit the market, that too is currently unknown. However, it seems that the current plan is for Proxi to only be available via mobile devices.