Sega’s Classic Golden Axe is Getting a Stage Play in Japan

Classic beat-em-up Golden Axe is taking to the stage - though currently it'll only be in Japan...

Ah, Golden Axe: a fantasy beat-em-up from the days when Sega was at the height of its creative powers. 

Essentially, if you wanted a great action game that involved wearing skimpy outfits and battering an assortment of skeletons and gigantic trolls, Golden Axe was your go-to choice back in the late 80s and early 90s.

In Japan, Golden Axe is making an unexpected return – as a stage play. A theatrical outfit called Spiral Chariots is staging its live homage to the arcade classic in December 2018, and according to Anime News Network, it’s their second adaptation of a Sega property. They previously did a stage rendering of the action RPG, Rent A Hero.

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We can only imagine what Spiral Chariots will actually bring to their stage version. Will they recreate an entire village on the back a turtle? Will there be a lull in the action where the actors hit tiny creatures around a campfire and steal their little blue jars of magic?

Unless somebody wants to buy us some tickets to Japan in time for December, we may never know. That is, assuming someone enterprising doesn’t bring the stage show over to our shores.

Andrew Lloyd Webber, we hope you’re reading this.