Sega Hints at Remakes and PC Ports as Profits Drop

Falling profits have forced Sega to devote more resources to existing franchises and more PC ports.

Sega Sonic Remakes PC

In a recent earnings report, Sega revealed that the company is shifting its focus to some of its older IPs as well as more PC ports. You can check out the full earnings report if you want, but we don’t recommend it unless you’re really into reading static PowerPoint slides. The big takeaway from the report is that Sega did not do nearly as well as it hoped in 2018. In fact, the company suffered a 70% loss in yearly revenue. These losses have forced Sega to adopt a new strategy which will see the publisher shift its focus away from developing new IP. 

Instead, Sega is choosing to focus on the continuation of some of its most popular properties. At the very least, this means that franchises like Persona, Yakuza, and Sonic will probably receive more love in the near future. However, there’s also the implication that this new approach could result in more remasters/remakes of older titles. It’s also possible that Sega could choose to release additional retro consoles if the Sega Genesis mini ends up selling well

What’s really interesting, though, is that Sega seems to be adopting Microsoft’s strategy of making its games available to as many players as possible. Sega specifically mentions the success it’s had porting games to PC and ensuring that new titles release on that platform, so you should expect to see a lot more of that. It’s even possible that franchises like Persona may be brought to PC while games like Yakuza may receive expedited PC ports. 

Actually, that portion of the report suggests that we could soon see the end of Sega titles that are exclusive (or timed exclusive) to the PS4. It makes sense that Sega would move away from that model, although it was starting to feel like the PS4’s strong presence in Japan was enough to ensure that some of the company’s titles enjoyed at least a window of exclusivity for that platform. 

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Now, we’ll just have to wait and see which Sega properties are revisited as part of Sega’s new initiative to just play the hits. 

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