Samba de Amigo returns!

Mark this day: Samba de Amigo, a Dreamcast classic, is coming to the Nintendo Wii. Simon is very, very happy...

Samba de Amigo. It's coming back!

Sometimes a piece of gaming news emerges that brings you to the point of tears. Good tears, too.

That’s just what happened this morning, when a casual browse through the latest turgid press announcements from the increasingly dull games industry threw up a beacon of light. And no, it wasn’t Cheggers’ Party Quiz, replete with a rendered version of Keith Chegwin. Albeit with clothes on.

Instead, it’s the quiet yet significant announcement that the Dreamcast classic Samba de Amigo is coming to the Nintendo Wii.


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Now the Wii, for us, has been a bit of a mixed bag so far, with a disappointing number of titles genuinely making an interesting use of the system’s much-vaunted control system. But Samba de Amigo changes everything.

Not heard of the game? Well, it originally arrived back at the start of the decade when the dance mat craze was taking off. Only this is, Samba de Amigo is about maracas. Costing £79.99 back then with only a few thousand ever released into the UK, the game demanded that you set up a mat, attach a sensor to it and then plug in the aforementioned maracas. Then, in response to the on-screen demands, you shook said maracas where you were told, occasionally stopping to strike a pose.

It was a simple concept, enhanced still further by some wickedly competitive party games. For if you were one of the few who imported a second, standalone set of maracas, you had the sight of two people standing in the same room shaking their stuff in previously unseen ways. They were precious, golden days.

Sadly, my personal story of Samba de Amigo involved a very competitive party game, where my frantic shaking ending up breaking a light into lots of pieces, causing a putting down of beverages and to vacuum my lounge instead. Bah.

Still, that’s not going to stop me heading straight down to Game on release day this time around. Granted, there’s no release date in sight (‘Easter’ is the only clue we’re given), just a glorious tease that one of the most criminally underappreciated social games ever is about to get its second chance.

The only sad thing is that the maracas are seemingly no more, with the Nunchunk and Wiimote sitting in their place. That’s not really the same, and I personally hope someone has the sheer balls to release compatible maracas too. Given that I’ve moved to a house where the lights are on the walls rather than hanging from the ceiling now, my home is just about ready for them again…For a daily dose of Nintendo Wii goodness, we heartily recommend a trip over to Den Of Wii

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