Rings of Elysium Trailer Showcases Unique Battle Royale

Rings of Elysium's blend of PUBG and winter sports results in an intriguing battle royale.

Tencent Games is preparing for a worldwide release of the fascinating battle royale title, Rings of Elysium

Rings of Elysium boasts one of the most intriguing battle royale concepts that we’ve seen yet. The premise is that you and 99 other players are trapped on a mountain that has just been hit by a devastating cold wave. There is a rescue chopper that has managed to get through the brutal conditions, but as it only has four seats, you will need to find a way to ensure that you are one of the few survivors that are able to be airlifted to safety. 

As you probably gathered from that description, it’s actually possible for up to four people to “win” this particular battle royale by getting a seat on the rescue helicopter. Securing your ride out of the hazardous area will require you to scrounge for weapons and items that will help you eliminate the competition, but it doesn’t feel like combat is Rings of Elysium‘s primary focus. 

Instead, this is a battle royale game that emphasizes the survival aspects of the genre. It’s actually possible to die of hypothermia in Rings of Elysium as well as get caught in a deadly avalanche. On top of that, you’ll be asked to utilize one of several transportation methods – such as hang gliders and snowboards – to escape the competition as well as the increasingly hostile elements. 

Put it all together, and you’ve got a game that feels like it’s actually trying to do something rather interesting with the battle royale genre. The game’s unique setting (unique for a battle royale game) is a welcome deviation from the typical “kill ’em all” military-like premises of most battle royale games, and the idea of a battle royale title that utilizes more of a traditional narrative is something that we’d like to see from more games that are trying to break into this genre.

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Considering that Rings of Elysium will be free when it hits Steam on September 19, PC gamers should probably at least give this game a shot and see whether or not it’s got what it takes to hang with the biggest battle royale titles out there

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