Resident Evil: Infamous Uncut Intro Receives 4K Remaster

The unspeakably bad and surprisingly violent Resident Evil intro has been remastered.

Resident Evil Intro Remastered

A new fan project seeks to remaster the original, uncensored Resident Evil intro. That’s right, YouTube channel Marcelus Castle Rain is trying to improve upon one of the worst (and best) video game intros ever, and they’re doing it with the help of machine learning AI. 

While the specifics of that process are a bit beyond us, the upshot is that we all get to enjoy the Resident Evil intro in the highest quality that we’ll likely ever see it. This remastered intro remarkably upscales the original to 4K and 60 FPS. This allows us to witness just how insane, corny, and low-budget the intro really was. 

If you’re not familiar with the uncut Resident Evil intro, then please join us for a piece of historical housekeeping. When Resident Evil was released in Japan as BioHazard, it featured a live-action intro sequence famous for its brutality, awful costumes, and even worse acting. While the bad acting and costumes made it to the Western version of the game, much of the original violence was cut. Strangely, the uncut intro wasn’t included in the PlayStation release of Resident Evil‘s director’s cut re-release (possibly due to a mistake), but it was included in the PC release of the game. 

Until now, most people who wanted to watch the intro were forced to endure a poorly ripped version of it that almost never survived the upload process fully intact. While the rough nature of the footage kind of compliments how bad it is, it has been frustrating to be unable to watch the intro in its full, intended glory all these years later. That intro was never supposed to look quite this glorious, but it’s great to see it so clearly after all these years. 

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It should be noted that this YouTube channel has also remastered other classic cutscenes over the years. While not all of them needed it quite as bad as the Resident Evil intro, their channel is worth exploring if you’re looking for updated Final Fantasy VIII cutscenes and other gems from the era. 

It also needs to be mentioned that this intro goes to show why people still love the classic Resident Evil games after all these years, even if this intro is no longer the weirdest thing to be featured in a Resident Evil game

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