Resident Evil 7 Was Almost Similar to Resident Evil 6

Were it not for the influence of a series producer, the latest Resident Evil game would have been very different.

Many people – ourselves included – praised Resident Evil 7 for its bold reimagining of the franchise’s conventions. While far from perfect, the Resident Evil 7 certainly invoked the franchise’s glory days more than Resident Evil 6 ever did. 

The success of the latest Resident Evil makes it that much more strange to hear that Capcom originally intended for Resident Evil 7 to continue the cinematic action style they had established with Resident Evil 6.

In a new documentary detailing the development process of Resident Evil 7, producer Masachika Kawata says that the Resident Evil 7 team began the game’s development with the mindset that they were going to use it to continue Resident Evil 6‘s controversial style. Even then, however, the team apparently realized that the approach just “wasn’t going to work.” 

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Instead, it was executive producer Jun Takeuchi who encouraged the team to change the game’s perspective to first-person and focus on more traditional survival horror aspects. 

He felt we could combine the best parts of classic style Resident Evil with the most modern, cutting edge technology available,” said Kawata of Takeuchi’s influence. He also noted that Takeuchi specifically cited The Evil Dead as an example of the intimate horror style he was looking for. 

The documentary also reveals that there are quite a few mechanics that were supposed to be in the game, but didn’t make the final cut. Among them are a fascinating stealth system that would have allowed for the player to hold their breath in order to bypass enemies and the idea that the Baker family should have a dog. 

Knowing that you can’t help but feel a little disappointed that the team didn’t take the chance to replicate Resident Evil‘s infamous dog scare. 

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