Resident Evil 3 Fan Remaster Fixes Game’s Graphics

If you want to play Resident Evil 3 but can't stand its outdated visuals, this remaster may be what you're looking for.

Resident Evil 3 Remaster

There’s a fanmade Resident Evil 3 remaster floating out in the internet wild that greatly improves the quality of the original game’s textures. 

Actually, to be technically correct, this remaster fixes the GameCube version of Resident Evil 3. You’ll need a PC running the Dolphin GameCube emulator and a Resident Evil 3 ROM to mod. All warnings regarding the legality of ROMs and emulators can be applied here. 

The Resident Evil 3 fan remaster (known as the Resident Evil 3: Seamless HD Project) isn’t a complete remake in the style of Capcom’s own Resident Evil 2 but rather an upscaled version of the Resident Evil 3 that improves the game’s environmental textures and generally cleans up some of the loose pixels that plague many of the games of the PlayStation era. 

We’ve seen similar remasters of other classic titles from that era (an upscaled remaster of Final Fantasy 7 being the latest example), but this is one of the most impressive examples of the technology. You really have to head over to the mod’s page and use the built-in comparison slider to appreciate the difference, but what stands out about this mod is the way it retains the design of the game while cleaning everything up enough to not make it absolutely painful to look at. 

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Here’s where things get really impressive, though. It seems that this mod is also capable of cleaning up Resident Evil 3‘s FMV sequences. Again, these upgrades don’t remake the original FMV sequences, but they do help turn them from “Oh no, everything I remembered is a lie” to “This looks pretty good.” Again, check out the mod page in order to find out more about the specifics and download the mod itself. 

Capcom has teased the possibility of a Resident Evil 3 remake, but until that remake sees the light of day, this may just be the best way to play one of the most underrated Resident Evil games. 

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