Resident Evil 2 Mod Strips Tyrant of His Clothing

Providing exactly what fans wanted (right?), a new Resident Evil 2 mod puts Mr. X in a thong...

Resident Evil 2: Tyrant Thong Mod

It’s blindingly obvious at this point that the modder community loves Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 remake, but this latest mod is one of the more bizarre ones: this fan-made alteration of the game peeks beneath the Tyrant’s iconic trenchcoat, imagining what the stomping baddie would look like in his swimming gear. That’s, um, exactly what we all wanted to see… right?

We have a modder dubbed MisterHecks to thank for the sight of Tyrant in some Umbrella Corporation speedos along with some sunglasses and flip flops. You can download this “Beachboy X” mod for yourself at Nexus Mods or watch this video from GamersPrey to see it in action:

Here are some images from the Nexus Mods page, if you happen to fancy (for whatever reason) having a closer look…


The more we think about it, though, the more it may make a morsel of sense to imagine Tyrant in his swimwear. After all, when you’re scared of something or feeling a bit nervous, isn’t the common advice to picture the people you’re talking to in the buff? And we did find Tyrant pretty ruddy scary, so perhaps this is exactly what we needed to see to allay our fears.

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This is the latest in a long line of fan mods that prove just how much the online community has taken to this title: one mod swapped out Tyrant for Nemesis from Resident Evil 3, another restored the classic camera angles from the original game, and there is even one that splices Dino Crisis costumes into the Resident Evil 2 remake as a tribute to another beloved Capcom franchise.

What will those modders come up with next? We’ll keep you updated!