Red Dead Online Battle Royale Mode Leaked

Red Dead Redemption 2's rumored battle royale mode has seemingly been leaked.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Battle Royale

Leaked data suggests that Red Dead Redemption 2‘s online mode will feature a battle royale game type. 

This information comes from data hunter illogicalmods claims to have uncovered a series of jobs, activities, and online mission types related to RDR 2‘s online mode and has posted his full findings on his Twitter account. There, he highlights a mode referred to as “Make It Count” that will reportedly force players to do battle against each other across a battlefield that shrinks as time goes on. The objective is to be the last player standing. 

That probably sounds like a fairly standard battle royale mode, but RDR 2‘s take on the concept features a rather interesting twist. Assuming that the information in this leak is accurate, it sounds like this mode will prohibit the use of any firearms. Instead, you will be forced to rely on either a bow or throwing knives based on which map you’re playing on (either the Saint Denis Plantation or Tall Trees). 

The idea of a battle royale mode in RDR 2 that doesn’t feature firearms does strike us as the kind of odd that most people might call suspicious. However, we wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the validity of this information or the idea of a gun-free battle royale mode in the game. It’s entirely possible that Rockstar decided that limiting weapon selection would help balance their take on the battle royale concept. It’s also possible that this decision is based on their desire to enhance the tension this kind of mode can offer. 

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Besides, we’d be a little more surprised to learn there isn’t a battle royale mode in RDR 2. Rockstar was quick to add a battle royale-like game type to GTA V, and there’s no denying the global popularity of the battle royale genre. 

Most of the other game types listed in this leak are fairly standard (missions, races, area control maps, etc.), but it will be interesting to see how this rumored battle royale mode fits into the world of RDR 2. We should know much more about it as the game’s online beta starts rolling out this week

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