Red Dead Online Battle Royale Mode Released

Gun Rush is the latest addition to Red Dead Online, bringing some Fornite-ish fun to the beta.

Red Dead Online Battle Royale Mode

When you think of the gritty realism of Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2, you might not immediately associate it with the bombastic battle royale gameplay that the cartoonishly-colored Fortnite has popularized. But, nonetheless, those two things have now been mashed together: today’s update to the Red Dead Online beta has added a new take on the battle royale game mode that’s been a work in progress since the online mode launched. This new battle royale mode is called Gun Rush. 

Red Dead Online launched in Nov. 2018, allowing players to roam the digital wilderness in posses of up to 16 players. At the time of this launch, numerous challenges and events were available to any gamers with internet access, the appropriate game pass, and a copy of Red Dead Redemption 2. The launch also featured a pseudo-battle royale mode called Make It Count, a take on this type of free-for-all gameplay but on a much smaller scale and with only bows and knives as weapons.

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Gun Rush, we’re told, will “put your survival instincts to the test,” tasking players with “gathering weapons and ammunition while the play area shrinks.” Up to 32 players can partake in a game, either as solo contenders (in a ‘Free For All’ battle) or two rival groups (in a “Team” battle). 

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Although this may sound like a rather full-on online offering, Rockstar insists that Red Dead Online is still very much at the beta testing stage. The developers are still open to feedback, and promise that further updates are on the way. These future updates will apparently include new Races and Showdown modes, Daily Challenges, Parley Changes, Proximity-Based Player Blips, Law and Bounty Upgrades, new emotes and clothing, and all-new Story missions for A Land of Opportunities.

That stuff is all coming soon, but Gun Rush is available today. Happy battling!