Rainbow Six Siege: Ubisoft Reveals New Season Details

Rainbow Six Siege's Operation Para Bellum will take operatives on a trip to Italy.

Ubisoft has released additional official information about Rainbow Six Siege‘s next season of content. 

Year Three, Season Two of Rainbow Six Siege is highlighted by a new operation called Operation Para Bellum (“Prepare for War”). Aside from a new piece of art that shows two soldiers trudging through a field of wheat in what appears to be rural Italy, Ubisoft is refraining from releasing too much information specifically related to the upcoming operation. However, some fans have noticed that the two soldiers in the picture resemble the leaked upcoming operatives, Maestro and Alibi. It also seems that the Italian vineyard they are heading towards will likely be the game’s next competitive map. The developers have previously stated that Siege‘s next map will be the game’s most “competitive” to date. 

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Operation Para Bellum will also introduce a new “intel gadget,” map alterations to Clubhouse designed to improve it slightly, a Pick and Ban setting for custom modes that should help add an extra layer of strategy to those games by allowing teams to ban operative selections, a new defusing animation, and an array of technical improvements. There’s no confirmation of what the intel gadget Ubisoft refers to is, but the popular theory is that it’s a bulletproof camera that’s been floating around the game’s test servers. While that camera isn’t nearly as versatile as some of the other cameras in the game, it cannot be damaged by bullets and is capable of relaying images through smoke. 

Ubisoft will also make some minor changes to Echo’s drone. Echo will now be able to send out two drones at once and will be able to use them to scan targets. The hope is that this alteration will make Echo a bit more flexible without directly “buffing” him.

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Those waiting for the full details of Siege‘s next season won’t have to wait until E3 as Ubisoft is planning to reveal much more about Operation Para Bellum at the Pro League Finals in Atlantic City. The finals run from May 19-20, but there’s no official word on when the announcement will be made during the competition. If you’re interested, you can follow that competition live via this Twitch channel

Rainbow Six Siege‘s comeback story remains one of the most remarkable ones in recent gaming history. Following an uneventful launch, Siege has gone on to become one of the most exciting competitive shooters on the market.