R-Type Getting a Cartridge Reissue for the Super Nintendo

Hankering for a blast on R-Type III and Super R-Type? Then this cartridge reissue for the Super Nintendo has you covered...

Collecting retro games can be extremely expensive – particularly if you’re into amassing a collection of classic shooters from the ’80s and ’90s. 

Take R-Type, for example; while you can easily get a port of the original for your Android or iPhone these days, just try finding a cheap copy of Super R-Type or R-Type III on eBay. First released for the Super Nintendo way back in 1991 and 1993 respectively, these shooter sequels have since become incredibly scarce – meaning that even a loose cartridge, particularly of R-Type III: The Third Lightning, is now pretty expensive.

Obviously, you could go down the legally questionable route of roms and emulation, but there’s another alternative on the way if you’re after a physical copy. Purveyors of new hardware for old systems, Retro-Bit is in the process of making a reissue cartridge of both Super Nintendo games; for the princely sum of $59.99, you’ll get both Super R-Type and R-Type III on one piece of plastic. 

Via online outlet CastleMania Games, there’ll be an exclusive collector’s edition, too, where the cart will come with a box, slipcase, stickers, a manual and some other bonus bits and pieces. It’s a neat-looking set, and the price is fairly reasonable, particularly in light of how much the originals now go for on eBay.

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There’s another old Irem game on offer, too: a reissue of Holy Diver, an obscure, Castlevania-like platformer for the NES that, with its gothic design and rock-hard difficulty level, has a cult following. 

Again, the cartridge will come in a box with manual, stickers and other bonus items for the price of $59.99. 

Yes, it’s a lot of money to pay for games that are hurtling towards their 30th birthdays, but if you’re an avid collector of ageing classics, they may be an enticing proposition.

Pre-orders will go live on the 19th January 2018, with the collector’s editions limited to 1000 copies each.