PUBG Mobile Is Now Available For iOS and Android

The revolutionary Battle Royale title is fully-playable on mobile devices.

The mobile version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has officially launched in the United States. 

This is a bit shocking considering that we’ve really only heard about the Chinese versions of PUBG mobile up until this point. While it was suspected that other regions would receive their own versions of the app at some point, nobody was quite sure when that would happen. However, the game is available to download right now for both iOS and Android. The app is available for free, but it might require a newer model of mobile device if you’re trying to play on iOS. The Android version seems to be a little more generous in that respect. 

So how does it play? Well, initial reports suggest that it’s pretty much the PUBG experience that you get on PC. Granted, you’re going to notice not being able to utilize a mouse and keyboard, but the app’s touchscreen controls do a pretty admirable job of recreating the real deal. There are even optimizations that make aiming, driving, and picking up items easier. Technically speaking, it’s all pretty impressive. 

However, there are a few things about the mobile game that are giving players cause to pause. The most notable of those complaints are the mobile version’s apparent surplus of bots. 

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Yes, early PUBG mobile players are reporting that the game might currently be populated with an unusual amount of bots. Unlike some of the bots featured in PUBG‘s PC version, though, these programmed opponents aren’t playing particularly well. They’ll do things like wander the open fields, come out of cover too early, and take suspiciously bad shots. While this could just be a matter of people trying to figure the mobile version out, some believe these bots may have been added to the game to ease mobile players into the experience. 

Regardless, this mobile version of PUBG is actually fairly impressive considering that it was seemingly developed in a fairly quick amount of time and debuted not long after the successful launch of Fortnite mobile. We’ll see which title comes out on top.