PUBG Mobile Reveals Godzilla: King of the Monsters Event

The King of Monsters visits PUBG Mobile in this Godzilla crossover event.

Godzilla PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile will host a special event based on the upcoming film, Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Few details about the event have been revealed at this time, but it seems like we’ve got a pretty good idea of what it will feature. In a very disappointing turn of events, it doesn’t sound like this event will let you do battle with Godzilla. However, it does sound like you’ll be able to spot him wandering around the water on the games’ Erangel map. It also appears that map will sport some Godzilla-size footprints. 

Actually, it sounds like this event’s biggest tie-in with the film is the addition of some special Godzilla-themed items that you’ll be collecting throughout the event as you play. There are some additional skins being added to the game as part of this update, but it doesn’t sound like they are Godzilla-themed. Instead, you’ll likely be collecting some Godzilla avatars. 

It’s also worth noting that this event brings an exciting new Team Deathmatch mode which will see two teams compete to get the most number of kills within a certain time limit. That mode will support respawns, so it should offer a nice change of pace from the usual PUBG experience. There’s no confirmation of when this event will begin, but you should expect it to start on or around Godzilla‘s May 31 release date. 

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We’d be lying if we said that this event seems as bountiful as Fortnite‘s Avengers and John Wick crossovers, but it does sound like it will offer enough to give plenty of incentive for PUBG Mobile players to jump back into the fray. 

Of course, the biggest story about PUBG Mobile in recent weeks is certainly the news that the game has been pulled from China and replaced with a propaganda-heavy clone of the title that has been approved for monetization by the Chinese government. 

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