PUBG Halloween Event Trailer

PUBG celebrates Halloween with spooky costumes, pumpkins, and more. Check out this new trailer!

PUBG Halloween Trailer

The wave of official Halloween updates to games has begun as the PUBG team have revealed a scary new in-game event. 

At the moment, it’s not entirely clear what this event will be called (if it has an official name), how long it will run for, or even how much content will be included as part of it. However, it seems that the main draw of this event will be some new (and very creepy) character skins. Based on the information that has been revealed so far, it seems that said skins will include a creepy clown (which is totally not a rip-off of IT), a creepy sexy nurse (which is totally not borrowed from Silent Hill 2), and Purge-like masked characters (which are absolutely lifted from The Purge). 

Of course, having Purge characters in a battle royale game does actually make quite a bit of sense. 

Beyond that, this update will feature such thematic additions as a new night mode for the Erangel map, candles and pumpkins spread across the spawn area, scarecrows that appear when an enemy has been killed by an AKM, and a “spooky face” that appears when grenades detonate. The team promises that all of these updates are “coming soon” and that this event will also be playable on the iOS an Android versions of the game. 

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We imagine that you’ll be able to keep using the unlockable scary skins after the event has concluded, but it’s always possible that this game will go the Team Fortress 2 route by limiting those outfits to a once a year timeframe. We certainly don’t expect that you’ll be able to access them beyond this event. 

This event looks interesting, but we wonder if it’s the kind of thing that will draw players who have left PUBG back to the game or if it’s just a “that’s neat” treat for those who still play the former king of the battle royale genre. With Call of Duty‘s Blackout mode taking off and gaining steam amongst the former fans of PUBG, it’s starting to look like the PUBG team are going to have to dig pretty deep into their bag of updates and tricks in order to restore the game to its former glory. 

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