PS4 Update Lets You Play Remotely on iPhone

PS4 remote play has finally come to iOS devices.

PS4 remote play iphone

Sony has finally brought PS4 remote play to iOS devices after teasing the function for several years. While you could previously use your PS4 remotely via Sony mobile devices and PC, this represents the first time that remote PS4 functionality has been supported by iOS.

Simply download today’s 6.50 firmware update for PS4, and you should be able to use Sony’s Remote Play app on supported devices. The app itself is free, but you will, of course, need to own a PS4 (or have access to a PS4) and have a PSN account in order to utilize this exciting feature. You’ll also need an iOS device that supports iOS 12.1 or a later version of the operating system. Apple also recommends you only try to use the app when you’re connected to high-speed internet.

Assuming that you meet all the qualifications, this new app will allow you to control your PS4 via your mobile device. In its simplest form, this will allow you to use your phone to enter text on your PS4 (which is certainly better than typing with a controller) and use your phone as a voice chat peripheral for PS4 games. Those are the quality of life features introduced by this app. 

However, the real appeal of this remote play app is the way it allows you to (theoretically) play your PS4 through a mobile device. We say “theoretically” because you need to understand the limitations of this technology. Yes, you can play PS4 titles on your iPhone, but you’ll need to use the iPhone’s touch interface to control whatever is running on your PS4. That might work well for simpler PS4 titles, but we don’t imagine that you’re going to have an easy time playing God of War on a mobile device. 

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Still, it’s nice to finally see this feature make its way to iOS even if it’s not necessarily the most requested PSN update (that would likely be the ability to change your PSN name). Things like remote play are going to become a much bigger deal in the coming years as gaming inches closer to a cloud-based future.

Actually, it’s going to be interesting to see whether or not Sony launches the PS5 with remote play enabled. It’s odd that they would incorporate this feature so late into the PS4’s run, but much like Microsoft and that disc-free Xbox One, they could just be testing the technology for the next generation.

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