Power Rangers Hyperforce Twitch RPG Coming Soon

A new system developed especially by HyperRPG is part of the 25th anniversary of Power Rangers.

In honor of the 25th anniversary of Power Rangers, a table-top role playing game will air on the streaming giant Twitch. Titled Power Rangers Hyperforce, the series will feature several key personalities from Power Rangers history and new faces alike playing a brand new engine/concept developed by Hyper RPG set in the Power Rangers universe. The story details and players are below. 

Power Rangers Hyperforce is set in the year 3016 at Time Force Academy. A team of Time Force Ranger cadets must band together to defeat an ancient evil who is set on unraveling the very fabric of the universe. Under the leadership of their mentor, Jen Scotts, and with the show’s Game Master, Malika Lim, the newly minted Rangers will cross both time and space to complete their mission while running into many familiar eras (and faces) along the way.

Power Rangers RPG Cast:

  • ·         Peter Sudarso (the Blue Ranger in Power Rangers Ninja Steel)
  • ·         Andre “Black Nerd Comedy” (Power Rangers Superfan and popular content creator)
  • ·         Meghan Camarena (popular social media personality, Strawburry17)
  • ·         Paulie Schrier (fan-favorite “Bulk” in Power Rangers)
  • ·         Cristina Vee (actress and social media personality.

Throughout the series, special guests will join the cast including Erin Cahill (Pink Ranger, Power Rangers Time Force) for the premiere episode.

It should be clarified that this game was only developed for Twitch and won’t be sold commericially unless, according to Director of Global Consumer Products for Power Rangers & Saban Brands Jason Bischoff, there’s enough interest

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Hyper RPG has also developed a Twitch Extension that will, “allow viewers to select a Ranger that is permanently tied to the user’s unique ID. Viewers will be able to send their Ranger out on daily missions, boss battles, and raids, as well as trade cool loot with other players.”

The show will premiere on October 24 from 6:00 – 9:00PM PT and live on www.twitch.tv/hyperrpg.

For all fans of RPG’s and Power Rangers this is for you!

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