Postal 4 Enters Steam Early Access

Postal 4 looks to continue the controversial legacy of the infamous Postal 2.

Postal 4 Trailer Release Date

Controversial shooter series Postal is getting a sequel called Postal 4: No Regerts. Yes, that seems to be an intentional misspelling. 

Postal 4 is being developed by Running With Scissors and looks like about what you’d expect from a “classic” Postal title. In other words, you play as Postal Guy as he tries to make a little money. While it’s possible to acquire money through honest means, the game will find ways to encourage you to utilize violence in order to get what you want. Much like Postal 2, the chaos will play out in a fairly open first-person format. 

There are a couple of noteworthy changes to the Postal franchise (or at least parts of it) with this entry, though. First off, the game is currently available via Steam Early Access in a very limited format. It’s not been made clear at this time just how much of the final game is represented in this Early Access build but Running With Scissors is referring to the build as a kind of early beta for the finished title that only represents a “vertical slice” of what is to come. 

Early reports indicate that the game’s pre-beta status is evident in what’s been made playable so far. That’s a friendly way of saying that the game is in something of a rough state at the moment. While we’ve come to expect that from Early Access titles, that potential problem is amplified in this instance by the fact that the Postal games have always been somewhat rough by their very nature. In other words, we’re not sure how much you should expect the game to “improve” over time.

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That’s the other thing to consider here. While Running With Scissors seems to be going out of their way to say how much improved this game will be over the almost universally hated Postal III, we’re not sure if that’s enough in this instance. Postal 2 is infamous for its over-the-top shocking content, but even those who are fans of the game wouldn’t argue for its technical merits. We’re not sure if a new Postal title has the design legs to even work as a meme title

We’ll see what happens as this project progresses, though. At least it will probably be better than the Uwe Boll movie (or most of the worst video game movies until this point). 

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