Pokemon Go Update Trailer Features Generation 4 Pokemon

The next Pokemon Go update will introduce a new generation of Pokemon to the game.

Pokemon Go Update Trailer

Developer Niantic Labs has made the shocking decision to add more Pokemon to the popular mobile title, Pokemon Go

In a stunning move, the Niantic team seemingly decided that making money is a good thing and that the best way to continue doing so would be to add more iconic Pokemon to the game all about capturing and collecting Pokemon. It’s a truly bold creative decision that has led to the stunning news that Generation 4 Pokemon from Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum will soon be available to catch in Pokemon Go

This particular group of Pokemon will include creatures that sound like they were named by a development team who were about to leave the office for the weekend and realized they forgot to give the Pokemon names. As such, you’ll soon be able to catch Pokemon like Chimchar, Piplup, and the almighty Turtwig within Pokemon Go‘s world (which is to say, your world). 

Those Pokemon will kick off this update, but Niantic has teased that additional Pokemon from this generation will be “released in waves.” It sounds like some of those Pokemon will be roaming freely in the wild, but others can only be captured by hatching eggs and participating in raids.

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The team is also teasing the addition of several new features related to the Sinnoh region, but don’t go into specifics regarding what those features may be or when we can expect to receive them. However, it does sound like more than a few of those features will expand upon or improve existing mechanics.


So how is Pokemon Go doing these days? Pretty well, actually. The game reportedly made $104 million during May of this year and is currently enjoying a shocking 174% revenue increase over last year’s figures (at least according to the most recent reports). While we doubt Pokemon Go will ever return to being the phenomenon that it was during its first couple of months of availability, Niantic has done a great job in terms of ensuring the game enjoys a steady stream of new content. 

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